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An unofficial wrapped variant of an RBXScriptSignal featuring versatile API used to create custom events. This object is created via the Signal module included in FastCast through the function.


RBXLuaScriptSignalConnection Connect(function )

Runs func when the event fires, passing in all of the arguments specified in Fire(...) to this function.

Tuple Wait()

Delays the current thread until the event has fired, returning all of the arguments specified when the event was fired.


Forces all connections made to this RBXLuaScriptSignal to disconnect. This should be called if your custom object is destroyed, otherwise you may cause memory leaks.

Fire(Tuple )

Fires the event with the specified arguments.


This is a connection object returned by the Connect method of RBXLuaScriptSignal:Connect()



Causes this event to disconnect from its parent RBXLuaScriptSignal (it will never be run when the event is fired after disconnection)