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My Skills and Achievements // My Resume

    Hello! If you are reading this, you have expressed some level of interest in my skillset. This page highlights a selection of my most notable contributions across ~at least 0 (If you are seeing this, something might have broken. That's kind of embarrassing, now isn't it?) years of programming experience. I started making games two years after I learned how to program. I don't think there's anything more fascinating and enjoyable than making games and software. Most of my time has been spent in the small-scale open source space, developing mods and tools for the communities of the games I support.

    If you are interested in having a deeper look into who I am personally, my website has a very casual, public-oriented About Me page. Note that it isn't a very "professional" page; it exists for those who care to learn more about my personal or friendly lifestyle. If you seek professionalism, you will not find it there.

    Now, with that out of the way...


  • Name and address: Redacted for privacy. Employers will be given this information during initial contact.
  • Education: High school diploma (Class of 2018).
  • Specialties: Passionate game and software development (including toolkits and libraries).
  • Notable Skills: Verbose problem solving (often presenting multiple choices for solutions). Quick adaptation to design changes. Habit of writing clear-cut, purposeful documentation and extremely abundant code comments.
  • Alternative Qualities: Strong bias to player reception in game design choices. Strong bias towards future-proof design and, where appropriate, designs that make external game modifications easier.
  • Previous Work: at least 0 (If you are seeing this, something might have broken. That's kind of embarrassing, now isn't it?)+ years of experience as an indie developer. One year as a gameplay programmer and gameplay systems engineer at Twin Atlas.

I can work with the following tools and languages, sorted by skill:

  • Lua and Luau at a mastery level.
  • C# (including in Unity) and Java at an expert level.
  • GitHub and Visual Studio at an advanced level.
  • HTML (written by hand) and Javascript at an advanced level.
  • C++ and C at an intermediate level.
  • x86_64 Assembly at an intermediate level.
  • High Level Shader Language (HLSL, especially for Unity) and Direct3D 11 Assembly at an intermediate level.

I have worked on:

  • Experiences and Tools on Roblox
    ◦ Worked with Twin Atlas as a gameplay programmer and gameplay systems engineer for Creatures of Sonaria, which has over 300,000,000 visits and an average of 10,000 concurrent daily players. The Experience has been used in Roblox Corporation's promotional materials. I wrote many backend systems for the game.
    ◦ Created, but no longer maintain, FastCast. This is a code library that simulates high-precision projectile physics in realtime. Its thread on the Roblox Developer Forum has over 131,000 views, earning it #3 most popular thread of all time.
    ◦ Other miscellaneous projects include some small scale projects throughout my childhood. Many of these are not projects that I am necessarily proud of (primarily due to my age at the time of their creation), but they are successful projects nonetheless. They are Dragon RP and Eternal Moon. Both games are not proper "games", but instead role-playing experiences where users are provided with a world and tools to interact with the world. I also had some involvement in Identity Fraud, albeit minimally (primarily assisting my friend, the main developer of the project, with some problem solving).

  • Risk of Rain 2 Mods
    ◦ Recreated Void Reaver Player Character, which turns one of the game's enemies into a playable character with its own set of mechanics. It currently has 19,130 users and counting.
    ◦ Created HP Bar API, which allows modders to customize the colors of healthbars for certain player characters. It currently has 15,780 users and counting.
    ◦ Created No Self-Ping, which is a mod that prevents a bug where players could accidentally mark themselves as a point of interest if their character got in the way of their view. It currently has 12,900 users and counting.
    ◦ Created Void Jailer Player Character, which is a continuation of the previous project, albeit with a different enemy. It currently has 10,717 users and counting.
    ◦ Created Exaggerated Void Deaths, which is a simple vfx mod that makes the void enemies' signature attack much more visually flashy. It currently has 6,408 users and counting!
* Counts last updated on 23 March 2023 @ 1:00 PM UTC.

  • Starbound Mods and Tools
    ◦ Worked directly with the team behind Frackin' Universe, a complete game overhaul mod that has over 921,000 users and a five star community rating. I am responsible for a number of UI performance enhancements, and the addition of the Extended Codex, a game item that allows reading lore entries far more comfortably than its vanilla counterpart.
    ◦ Created The Ori Mod (Starbound Edition) earning over 22,000 users and a five star community rating. This mod allows the player to be a Spirit, including all new movesets, blocks, technology, and abilities.
    ◦ Created XModConfig, an experimental mod providing a simple way for users to customize their experiences, which has earned just over 1,000 users.

  • Minecraft Mods
    ◦ Created The Ori Mod (Minecraft Edition) out of personal interest for the Ori franchise. This mod allows the player to be a Spirit, including all new movesets, blocks, technology, and abilities (much like its Starbound counterpart).

  • WildStar Mods and Applications
    ◦ Created MouseLockUtil, a very simple quality of life mod for players using first person mode. It allows players to use a custom crosshair.
    ◦ Created NPCBubbles, an experimental immersion mod to copy passive NPC dialog bubbles into the player's chat window.
    ◦ Created Damage Locator, which emulates an FPS-style damage indicator when the player is attacked.
    ◦ Worked with NexusForever as a dataminer. NexusForever is a volunteer development team dedicated to creating a server emulator for WildStar.
    ◦ Modified GalaxyLibrary, creating a private variation for NexusForever. My modification allows players to create any item in the game for both functional and cosmetic use, targeted towards role-playing environments.

  • Spiral Knights Tools
    ◦ Created ThreeRingsSharp, a reverse engineering toolkit aimed at animators and content creators looking to create Spiral Knights themed fan content. It is well-recognized by the artists of the community. The tool is currently in the process of being rewritten from the ground up.

  • No Man's Sky Mods and Tools
    ◦ Created BNKReplacer, a toolkit for the Wwise Audio Engine allowing modders to replace audio assets. I have used this tool to create Robocraft SMG Photon Cannons, a sound-swap mod for the ship's laser weapons.
    ◦ Created Hardcore Space Combat, a modification to enemy AI designed to create more challenging battles for experienced players.
    ◦ Worked directly with the NMS Seed Group, which is responsible for reverse engineering the algorithms No Man's Sky uses to generate all randomized content within the game. I helped to map out the bytecode within the main randomizer function.

  • ChilloutVR Mods
    ◦ Created CVRLocalTools, appending some useful animator parameters on the fly, mostly inspired by that of VRChat's systems.

    ◦ Created The Cybergrind Music Mod, which allows players to customize the background music for ULTRAKILL's freeplay mode.

  • The Binding of Isaac: Repentance Mods
    ◦ Created Holocrypt Death Sounds, which is a satire mod to add some comic relief to players' failures.

  • Garry's Mod Addons
    ◦ Contributed to the Player Weld STool, a niche mod which allows players to attach props to their character. It later led to the third party creation of PAC3, a successful player customization mod that mimics some behavior from the Player Weld STool.