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Eti the Spirit :: If you're seeing this then something broke or you have JS off.

Wait a minute... Who are you?

    Online I go by either Xan or Eti, more often the former these days (despite the theme of the website being around the latter). I'm at least 0 (so normally there's supposed to be a script that fills in my age here. It'll work just give it a sec. ... ...Aaaaany second now... See?! Red! No, wait, that's blood. don't have js off, do you? you monster. no offense.) years old, born on 11 July 2000. I live in the USA. This page aims to be really casual, if you are a job person, hi, this is casual me. If you are someone from a random forum board checking out my website, hi, this is me. If you are trying to evaluate who I am, fair warning, I'm not the best at explaining social stuffs like this. Basically, treat this webpage like you might treat an AI's (hilarious) attempt to draw hands. It's there in spirit but its really, really mangled up compared to the real thing. Oh well.

    I'm a programmer. I work on games and there's no activity in the world I love more than making something that other people will enjoy. I started learning in 2009 (at 9 years old!) and haven't stopped since. I have been an aspiring game developer for a very long time. I am also an avid reverse engineer, game preservationist, and a passionate modder. I have partaken in multiple efforts to preserve old MMOs for some time (the largest of which being WildStar). I'm working on a 2D engine and game right now (more as a learning experience at the moment) because honestly it's fun and I felt like it. Great reason I know.

    I'm a lore nut. Find any game or media I know of, and if it has an interesting story, you'll come to realize I have practically memorized all of it on accident. You ever talked to a Warhammer 40k fan? Hahaha! Don't worry, I'm not that much of a monster (lore fanatic jumpscare). My favorite games to play are No Man's Sky, The Ori franchise, Risk of Rain 2, Spiral Knights, ULTRAKILL, VRChat, Minecraft, and a handful of other assorted goodies. If you are so inclined, you can view my Steam library.

    My favorite artstyle by far is Art Deco. Seeing the bright white marble, the gold, silver, and brass metal adornments, the deep brown wood panels, the jade greens, the dark black granite, the big spotlights - nothing quite hits the same. There's something so magical about the style that's too abstract to put into any words. You can probably guess that, being someone who was raised in a world of modern electronic music, a music group like the rather well known and wonderful Caravan Palace is one of my favorites. They encapsulate the style of the music from that era, but put a modern electronic twist on it in just the right way, where the use of synthesizers is a subtle undertone that beautifully synergizes with the original swing style. My favorite song is L'envol.

    As far as personality goes, it's a spectrum. Usually I'm a quiet person. I enjoy creative writing, modeling and animation (sometimes), system design, I am generally an optimist... You get the idea. I tend to keep to myself, but those that I talk to say good things about me. When I'm not quiet, I'm a lot like I am conducting myself on this webpage, aloof, silly, friendly, childish, spontaneous. Humor-wise I'll laugh at just about anything, it's zoomer humor. You probably can't offend me either, so no worries about that sort of stuff. Oh, and on the topic of spontaneous, you know what drives me insane? There's a surprising amount of people who really dislike that attitude, like they treat it as some sort of problem because sometimes I don't feel like being super serious 24/7. I really don't like that, having fun is a crucial part of life, staying happy in a world that a lot of people consider rather bleak. Humans are characters, not robots, the vibrant or sharp mood that we all come with is something I'll never give up. pov: trying to live the spunch bop life in a world of squit words,,,,

    Alright, that all is out of my system now. If you want serious, check the Skillset and Resume page.