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Eti the Spirit :: If you're seeing this then something broke or you have JS off.

Wait a minute... Who are you?

Update: Looking for my skillset? I have done some tidying up! You'll want to head over to the new My Skills and Achievements page. Apologies for the sudden redirection.

Online I go by either Xan or Eti, more often the former these days. I'm at least 0 (the script is running. ...ideally. ... ...Aaaaany second now... Dear me, this is awkward, isn't it?) years old, born on 11 July 2000. I live in the USA.

    I'm a programmer. I work on games and there's no activity in the world I love more than making something that other people will enjoy. I started learning in 2009 (at 9 years old!) and haven't stopped since. I have been an aspiring game developer for a very long time. I am also an avid reverse engineer and game preservationist (I mean, look at my SkySaga archive!) and have partaken in multiple efforts to preserve old MMOs for some time (the largest of which being WildStar). My personality is the humble sort, the kind that at least expends the effort to be gentle and altruistic and to just be there to make other people happy. I do what I can to be respectful (and respectable) but I admittedly do have a very occasional problem with getting a bit nippy when I am stressed. I do what I can to manage it. I often personify myself as some amalgamation of my written characters Xan and Eti, as creating something to represent a part of myself is so much easier for someone like me.

    Due to my time as an indie dev, I work best alone. Despite this, all of my work is made with "the guy after me" in mind. My code is commented, has notes, has docs. I can explain systems to other programmers in detail so that they are comfortable expanding upon or adopting my work, and best of all, I am a very capable communicator after I break down that initial barrier, and I am often told that I am a decent (not perfect, but not at all lacking) leader figure too. The players I make games for (mostly on Roblox, so a younger audience) often consider me a role model due to my personality and the level of quality I strive to achieve in my work. I really love hearing the compliments, and it lets me know that my work is being done right. That type of response is what I live for when I make games. There's no point if people think my game sucks.

    This page is still a work in progress. Interested in what I am able to do? Check the Skillset page!