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Eti the Spirit :: If you're seeing this then something broke or you have JS off.


Hi! I am Eti, and I am Xan!

(That's said like "yeti" without the y, and "zan", respectively)
You probably recognize me from a multitude of communities that I am active in. So - welcome to my website, designed entirely by yours truly! You can visit said communities over on the left.

This is my first time doing web design so the design may be a little odd. I'm still getting the hang of this whole UX business, after all. That, and I wrote the entire thing by hand. It's just me, Google, and Notepad++.

My work

I work on a number of really cool things! You can thank me for (or partly for)...

  • Creatures of Sonaria, where you play as a number of species in a relatively simple survival environment.
  • The official bot in the official Discord server for Ori the Game. Now that's official!
  • FastCast, a Luau module designed to emulate bullets with hitscan segments.
  • Procelio, where the future is costly. Oh, and you blow stuff up.
  • ThreeRingsSharp, which is a tool made to rip models from Clyde-based games.
  • Minecraft Forge, where I implemented EntityEmittedSoundEvent PR#7491.
  • Frackin' Universe for Starbound, where I made the Tricorder UI not so laggy and also added the long codex.
  • The Minecraft Ori Mod, which allows you to play as a Spirit in Minecraft.
  • A Starbound Ori Mod. Same idea as the Minecraft mod.
  • Datamining for WildStar, where I ripped all of the datacube audio.
  • Datamining and archival of SkySaga: Infinite Isles.
  • Datamining of the Ori franchise for the documentation of cut content.
  • Far too many things to list! My GitHub has most of my projects.

Other Stuff

Site Links:
  • Eti's Ori Fanon
  • Minecraft Mods
  • Site Credits & Honorable Mentions
  • SkySaga: Infinite Isles Archive
  • Privacy Policy & Contact
  • The funny HTTP 404 Page

Off-site Links & More Socials:
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